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Posted 4/8/2018

The Journey Continues

 Its been a while since Ive added something to this blog - a fair bit to report so you can catchup on my photographic musings here in New Zealand.

Two developments to report. The Rollei Kit is nearly complete with a wonderful selection of glass from 35mm through to the stellar Schneider 150mm - I can't go any longer due to Im at the maximum bellows tens with the 150mm.

The case now houses a Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 35mm f4.5, Sinar Digital 55mm f4.5, Nikkor SW 75mm f4.5, Schneider Symmuar 100mm f5.6, Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f5.6, A Rodenstock Ysaron 135mm f4.5 enlarging lens mounted to a flange plate and finally a real oddity a  1890ish  Busch's Vademecum set kit which gives various focal lengths - See instruction images and same Image below.


With the Aptus II  attached to the sliding back with a 4x magnifier, composition and focus is super easy in the field. MultiClam Cube HeadunitMultiClam Cube HeadunitNotice the Multiflex Cube Tripod head - full nodal yawing for the Rollei - awesome head unit.


And around August I finally managed to source a Medium Format body within budget that would take my Aptus back.


So enter a Mamiya AFD II which lucky came with a 35, 50 Shift, 80 and 105 ~ 210 Zoom - my back just clips straight on and were off.


After doing some lens tests at my favourite lens testing church (actually my second favourite because my church is closed for earthquake strengthening) I came away rather pleased with the crispness of the Mamiya class. Well done guys!