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The Rollei X-Act2 Journey

Posted 2/3/2016

The Rollei X-Act2 Journey


In January 2016 - I purchased one of the coolest cameras I've ever owned ( A Rollei X-Act2 ) with the intent of fitting a DSLR to the back of her and utilising the full range movements available on the device. Then playing with stacking of the digital files to create the final Giga Images.

The camera came with a tidy Schneider 150mm fitted and a spare lens panel. It also came with a Hasselblad V Back adapter, view finder adapter and a Silvestri ground glass screen. all  in a fitted case. Then the fun began, along with some lessons in optics and acrylic forming. 

Seing I wasn't going to use the viewing back - I removed the fitted unit from the rear panel and crafted a piece of black acrylic with a 42mm hole in the centre to take a T2 canon adapter. The then allowed me to fit my Canon 5D Mk3 to the rear standard of the Rollei.


With the 150mm attached infinity focus is obtainable and the results were very pleasing . (more on the images later) 

The issues around the extended FFD (Flange Focal Distance) need to be resolved if wider focal lengths are to be utilised. Hence the decision to acquire a Sony A7R Mirrorless body, besides being an awesome 36 Meg sensor, it actually has a better effective FFD (including the front hand grip than its newer brother the Mk2. Fitting it to the rear standard is now a breast by using a custom adapter crafted in the UK by Richard Gale at These are very reasonably priced and I eagerly await it's arrival.