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Up Date Time

Posted 30/4/2017

Well Ive gone and done it!

I have just purchased from Igors Camera Exchange in the US a Totally mint ( Infact almost brand new ) Leaf Aptus ll 8 back - this is a 40 Meg back and the 1st test shot with her was just amazing. The back had a CLA and refurnished and arrived to me with only 145 activations!

Optus fitted to my Rollei X-Act2Optus fitted to my Rollei X-Act2


Here you can see the back fitted to the Rollei via a Kapture Integration Sliding Back -  Kapture Group Sliding Back adapters incorporate a bright custom Maxwell Precision Optics focus screen. This also has a fitting to take Hasselblad V finders. I have a magnifying hood on its way now.


The setup on the Leaf is super easy and you can see here I have it tethered to my iMac via the firrier 800 cable ( since replaced by a shorter Tethertools cable) The back is connected to the Schneider mechanical shutter by a single sync cable that fires the back from the flash mount. As you can see from here the studio lights are connected via the Pocket Wizard to the seperate flash sync plug o the back .


Thats it super easy and the live view within CaptureOne works very well to focus check and pixel peak.


Well thats the quick update done and watch for some test images tone posted.


Here's a wee sliver of the 1st test image from her.


This is a JPG without any processing done at all