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Craig Perkins - Photographist,  I owned my 1st camera at 5 years of age. Since then I have owned and operated 2 successful Professional Studios, had my work published both in New Zealand and Internationally and competed with my images with great success.

My photographic experience has been crafted for now over 4 decades. Upon leaving school, I worked for Camera House and various studios in Southland. Eventually owning Hazeldines Studio in Invercargill for several years. Later moving to Timaru, and co-run and then Owned Kalksma and Associates, the then leading Professional Studio in South Canterbury.

With this length of dedication to photography, I have seen many changes in the industry and the processes. Having developed and printed my own colour commercially through to the digital transition of today - I even created this website!.

Having taught Photography in both Invercargill and Timaru, in Poly Tech's and Schools, my ability to share my knowledge and skills , has given me a wealth of experience that enables me to create images of quality and clarity.

Me with some of my cameras over the many years - excuse the fashion mistakes please.